Designed Chaos

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Designed Chaos

Post by Ktsunami on Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:05 am

My artsy things. Very Happy

Back in the GIMP days

Remus Lupin wallpaper

A Tonks set made for a friend, called "Tonks' Farewell"

A set made for the same friend, which is not called anything at the moment

So Easily (there's a pixel width's mistake unfortunately :Smile )



Sirius Black's Promise

Remus Speaks Out


Cupcake Chaos

The Noose or the Knife

Onto the Paint Shop Pro Days (NOW)

Can I just...Can I just say something? Just..let me say something....

Nightwish Header

Ice T Law & Order wallpaper. Please note the biting sarcasm. I can't help myself sometimes, you know...

The Real Watchmen

Brennan & Booth - leetle icon

Emily Deschanel Wallpaper

Rank Bars for Nightwish forum (I love being in charge xD)

Sleeping Sun 1
Nightguest 250
The Riddler 500
White Night Fantasy 750
Creek Mary's Blood 1000
Crownless 1250
Swanheart 1500
Live to Tell the Tale 3000

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Re: Designed Chaos

Post by Lady Draconian on Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:26 pm

Amazing artworks Kay!!

Everything beautiful dies...

Thanks Ena.

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